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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Ballad" Implodes

Sadly, the Ballad Of Michael Adams has imploded. It's collapsed in upon itself, due to the canceling of a meeting between one of the unforums posters and an in game character. Its probable that the puppetmaster was in school, because they said they would be in contact in a "few months." (IE, the summer.) It never got the chance to have a real story line, and was just strung together codes with some vague plot. I rather liked talking to Mr. Adams, but alas, it was destined to fail. If you're looking for a story driven ARG, I would reccomend WIBS (previous post.) So, to Ballad: hasta luego.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Who Is Benjamin Stove?

Starting in early January, Tucker Darby blogs a story of a strange painting, and the people and events surrounding it. This ARG(?) seems to be original and simple, surrounding one object as of yet. Darby is in the dark as much as we (the players) are, and posts on the forum even spur Darby to take action.The site is gaining fast popularity, by putting up ads on other websites. I first heard about it, through the normal way, the unforums. A new wikipedia page has been started as well, providing multiple sources of info on WIBS.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


[18:10] to FU POT pourri: Hello.
[18:11] MikeAdams1973: Evening.
[18:11] to FU POT pourri: How goes it, Mr. Adams?
[18:11] MikeAdams1973: I've reached a state of calm.
[18:12] to FU POT pourri: That's always good.
[18:12] MikeAdams1973: Are you aware of the situation through the whole network of folks helping?
[18:12] to FU POT pourri: I'm catching up now.
[18:12] MikeAdams1973: I'm surprised you contacted me.
[18:13] to FU POT pourri: Why?
[18:13] MikeAdams1973: For the last few days, every time I've managed to get to Bivens' computer, it seems like everyone's given up on me.
[18:13] to FU POT pourri: Hmm.
[18:13] MikeAdams1973: It upsets me; they don't understand the importance of the Item's Release.
[18:14] MikeAdams1973: They've ceased all communication with me.
[18:14] to FU POT pourri: I just read about the release now.
[18:14] MikeAdams1973: I didn't think there was anyone left who cared enough for you to catch up with.
[18:14] MikeAdams1973: I see.
[18:14] MikeAdams1973: Read?
[18:14] MikeAdams1973: Has it been published?
[18:15] to FU POT pourri: No. Not in any print media at least.
[18:15] MikeAdams1973: Then how exactly are you reading it?
[18:16] to FU POT pourri: Well how else would you get information other than word of mouth?
[18:17] MikeAdams1973: Well, reading implies it's in a public source of some sort.
[18:17] MikeAdams1973: That's just how it came across.
[18:18] MikeAdams1973: My apologies for the misunderstanding.
[18:18] to FU POT pourri: Oh.
[18:18] MikeAdams1973: But back to business.
[18:18] MikeAdams1973: The Day approaches us.
[18:18] MikeAdams1973: I cannot speak it here; Bivens will be back soon.
[18:18] to FU POT pourri: Bivens?
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: Haven't you seen the conversation that was on my LiveJournal?
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: It's gone now; I'm sure someone else still has it.
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: Bivens is the Traitor.
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: He'll be arriving soon to make sure I'm safely kept.
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: But he can't find out the Date.
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: And he can't find out the Location.
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: Which is why I can't tell you now.
[18:19] MikeAdams1973: But a friend will be in contact soon.
[18:19] to FU POT pourri: Right. Do you know them though?
[18:20] MikeAdams1973: Whom?
[18:20] to FU POT pourri: The date and location.
[18:20] MikeAdams1973: I do.
[18:20] to FU POT pourri: I see.
[18:21] MikeAdams1973: As does the friend who will be in contact.
[18:21] MikeAdams1973: Bivens will be here soon.
[18:21] MikeAdams1973: He'll ensure my safe-keeping here.
[18:21] MikeAdams1973: He'll then leave Orlando for Washington.
[18:21] to FU POT pourri: Are you being held captive?
[18:21] MikeAdams1973: I am.
[18:21] to FU POT pourri: They seem nice to allow you internet access.
[18:22] MikeAdams1973: They're kind security.
[18:22] to FU POT pourri: Hehe I guess so.
[18:22] MikeAdams1973: It's someone's basement in Orlando.
[18:22] MikeAdams1973: But as I said.
[18:23] MikeAdams1973: Bivens will then proceed to Maryland, and after I carry out the Release, the final stage of the Prophecy will be fufilled.
[18:23] MikeAdams1973: As I said, a friend will be in contact soon.
[18:23] MikeAdams1973: Bivens has arrived.
[18:23] MikeAdams1973: If I don't speak with you again, thank you for all of your help.
[18:24] to FU POT pourri: Its the least we can do.
[18:24] MikeAdams1973: I only hope someone will be able to accept the Release and take the Item into their own hands.
[18:24] MikeAdams1973: Goodbye.
[18:24] to FU POT pourri: Bye.
[18:24] *** "MikeAdams1973" signed off at Thu Jan 12 18:24:57 2006.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good times, good times...

Anyone here remember Our Colony? It showed up as a mysterious site with hidden messages,puzzles, and sadistic public moderators. Take a trip down memory lane as you visit these old forums I set up to try to get to the bottom of the Our Colony "mystery." Turns out it was an ARGish viral for xbox360, but it was sure fun. I just recently found a bookmark to these old forums in Firefox on my desktop. I think I made it so you have to register to gain access... (nice ploy to get over 100 members :D) but it's all there... free! Don't you feel glad you waited?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

(ARG) The Battle Of Michael Adams

Originating on a blog of a member of the unforums in the form of a discarded email thought to be SPAM. With humble beginnings, this new ARG quickly grew into a 4 page long thread discussing the clues and codes. I even had the chance to have a conversation with the puppetmaster of the ARG, a man named "Michael Adams." It seems that Mike is in trouble, with people after his life. The complete thread gives information on the codes, cyphers, and MORE! After checking out their forums, I found that I need to learn more about some cryptanalysis. Here's my conversation with Mr. Adams:

[21:30] to FU POT pourri: Hello. I've been keeping up on your situation.
[21:36] MikeAdams1973: As have others.
[21:37] to FU POT pourri: You seem very calm considering you're in need of urgent help.
[21:40] MikeAdams1973: Oh.
[21:40] MikeAdams1973: Sorry.
[21:40] MikeAdams1973: I assumed you were in with G3K's little group.
[21:40] MikeAdams1973: The situation is not urgent at present.
[21:40] MikeAdams1973: But it shows clear signs of becoming so in the very near future.
[21:40] to FU POT pourri: Oh right I forgot.
[21:40] MikeAdams1973: Not a problem.
[21:40] to FU POT pourri: Indeed.
[21:41] MikeAdams1973: times...can be an ally.
[21:41] MikeAdams1973: Too much understanding has a tendency to cause problems.
[21:42] MikeAdams1973: As times go on...
[21:42] MikeAdams1973: Technology is no longer able to help us.
[21:42] MikeAdams1973: And we must look to the past for answers.
[21:43] to FU POT pourri: Yes. Technology can't substitute for human ingenuity.
[21:43] MikeAdams1973: The key to understanding is to realize what your past holds, and how it defines your present.
[21:43] to FU POT pourri: Who is after you, Mr. Adams?
[21:43] to FU POT pourri: Or who will soon be?
[21:43] MikeAdams1973: Ohh.
[21:44] MikeAdams1973: The time for that understanding is not yet upon us.
[21:44] to FU POT pourri: I see.
[21:44] MikeAdams1973: What is upon us, however, is the necessity for realization that the past holds secrets the mortal mind cannot hope to grasp.
[21:45] MikeAdams1973: And those of us charged with the protection of these secrets hold burdens on our souls which we carry for eternity.
[21:45] MikeAdams1973: And on that note, I must leave you.
[21:45] to FU POT pourri: Nice talking to you.
[21:45] MikeAdams1973: Likewise.
[21:45] MikeAdams1973: Just remember:
[21:46] MikeAdams1973: The key to understanding is to realize what your past holds, and how it defines your present.
[21:46] MikeAdams1973: Do not continue to allow technology to hold you back.
[21:46] MikeAdams1973: Farewell for now.
[21:46] to FU POT pourri: Good night.
[21:46] *** "MikeAdams1973" signed off at Mon Jan 02 22:46:46 2006.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Methargo - an ARG

I was looking at the unfiction forums last night and came upon this new ARG. It involves our "hero," his captor, and a series of riddles and clues. Very interesting. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a new ARG, this seems like a good one. You can find the unfiction thread on it here. They do a great job of blowing through these clues and codes, better than I ever could. I joined their forums, under the name "Falafel" The blog of the ARG supplies the clues and such so far. I'll try to keep up on this along with the other ARG/Virals.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Edoc Laundry

I read an article in Wired Magazine, which can be read here. It talks about secret messages hidden in clothing, and some that the writers themselves found. The website for the clothing can be found here It seems like a viral, but for simply reason to buy the clothes? This could be a possible reasoning for these cryptic messages. But, on the main page, if you click on "Nothing to hide" up in the top lefthand corner, there is a flash animation talking about the death of someone named "Al" From the Wired Article, it seems to be bandmembers, but I can't get any information on this as of yet. Stocked with hidden messages and deadly secrets, this seems like a promising viral/ARG (Alternate Reality Game) Here's a link to a unifiction thread on the topic.

"Hidden Directory" found

A hidden directory was found on the stop-polarneft website, containing alleged cave paintings, a document from 1985, and a 3D seismic video. They basically show the same thing as the siberian ice giant video. The document, besides showing that whoever typed it had the "Caps lock" key firmly jammed, says that there were previous investigations on this "giant."

Also: If anyone has any other virals/hoax sites that would like to affiliate with my blog, that would be great. And if any interested readers have information on this or other virals, please contact me at my email address (in my profile, don't want spam.)